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Meet Orit Hashay.

Founder of unicorn digital companies.

Digital marketing & e-commerce expert. International speaker.

Dedicated consultant, board member and advisor.


My Digital Consulting Takes Business Dreams
from Strategy to Execution


I help businesses build seamless customer experiences across any brand’s digital lifetime. My consultations focus on helping you grow your performance and revenue, so you can lead the

e-commerce world.



I share my years of experience as a VC and an entrepreneur in a fast but packed consultation session, so you can transform your early-stage, innovative ideas into fine-tuned pitches and profitable plans.

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I help businesses like yours acquire with the information and resources you need to take startups to the next level, from strategy to execution, by serving as a member of your advisory board.

About Orit

I am the single female founder behind Brayola; the only founder with actual, real-life experience with the product, leading to me to be able to raise $10 million (while pregnant) and sell $70 million in product in the US, while continuing to run precise marketing campaigns and engaging in performance marketing that is structured for speed, efficiency, and maximum ROI, from my home country, in Israel.

Today, with over 15 years of experience in software development & digital marketing, I leverage my knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide you to your next successful venture and beyond.

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